Cyber Security Quick Assessment

Your reaction to few simple statements will help shed light on important aspects of your business to which you may wish to pay attention. If there are multiple stakeholders in your organization you can all use the tool and compare your responses. Your reactions are compared to the reactions of others who have completed the scorecard.

To use the scorecard, rate your reaction to each pair of phrases below. Click “Get Results” when done to see how you compare to others.

Step 1: Enter your information
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Step 2: Measure yourself

1. Do your IT systems generate logs with relevant security-oriented data today?

2. Do you measure your annual losses from fraudulent business transactions?

3. Is your average user required to use multiple id/password combinations daily within their jobs today?

4. Do you have self encrypting storage?

5. Is your infrastructure protected from any single point of failure?

6. Have you established a formal process around the investigation and remediation of any detected incidents?

7. Do you have a defined process to recover a single e-mail?

8. Does your server security solution give your IT personnel the time they need to test and deploy patches properly while protecting their systems against the vulnerabilities for which the patch was created??

9. Do you have an anti-virus / anti-malware solution deployed on every endpoint?

10. Are you able to capture and store detailed mobile device data, including inventory data such as device model and serial number, usage data such as last connection time, and hardware information such as firmware and memory, as well as operating system version, location information ,network details, and installed applications and certificates?

11. Does your staff partake in ongoing industry recognized educational programs, events or conferences?

12. Have you defined data loss prevention policies?

Step 3: Get Results
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